is an AI-powered science assistant that includes a combination of process tools aimed specifically at researchers in the early phase of a new project. helps you to map out an overall landscape around your research challenge as well as build a specific reading list covering the papers that you should actually spend time on reading.

Explore research papers and patents Exploration tool allows you to build a research map based on a problem statement or research paper of your choice. does this by building a "fingerprint" of your problem statement or the abstract of the paper using machine extracted keywords, contextual synonyms and hypernyms, then matches the fingerprint against more than 100M Open Access papers & patents. You can use the Exploration tool to get an overview of the research topic and build a large set of documents related to your problem statement or an existing article. Learn more here.


Create an exact reading list with Focus tool

The Focus tool semi-automates the literature review process and helps organize a large set of papers. The Focus tool allows the user to iteratively narrow down a corpus starting from up to 20,000 documents, down to a short comprehensive reading list. In the Focus process, the tool suggests topics for inclusion and exclusion based on the initial corpus, facilitating a rapid and precise iterative filtering. Learn more here.


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