Review & save papers

When you want to review the details of a found article, you can click on the paper. In the details window you can find the full text link and bookmark interesting articles in your personal reading list. You can also see a relevance score percentage which indicates how well the specific article matches your search. At any point, you can also generate a new map by clicking on "Find related papers".

Highlight and remove papers in the map

At the bottom of the page you can see a green box with a question: “Is this paper relevant to your research?” When you click “Yes”, this paper will be highlighted in green in your map. When you click “No”, this paper will be removed from the map.

Details window

Bookmarking a map

You can save the entire map for future use. Bookmarking the most interesting maps allows you to use them as a starting point of your literature review in the Focus phase. Go to “My Account” page to view all saved maps and papers on your account.

Bookmarking a map


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