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1 **Edit the map by building a new hierarchy of topics**
3 If you find that the identified topics aren’t arranged as you would expect, use the hierarchy editor for rearranging them. The hierarchy editor is a tool that allows you to semi-supervise the map building process.
5 * Open the editor by clicking “**Edit map**” button above the map
7 [[image:Screenshot 2020-04-14 17.34.55.png||alt="Edit map" height="auto" width="600"]]
9 * Click “**Expand All**” button to see all topics
10 * Select a hierarchy for the topics, by clicking and dragging them to different levels
11 * Create a top-level topic by dragging it into the root “” circle
12 * Click on the concept to open a details box:
13 ** Choose an “**Alternative**” word for a topic from a list by clicking on the word
14 ** Combine topics with their sub-topics by clicking the word and choosing “**Merge with**”
15 * Delete topics by clicking the **X** button next to the word
17 [[image:Screenshot 2020-04-14 17.33.09.png||alt="Hierarchy editor" height="auto" width="800"]]
19 * After the editing is complete, click "**Done**" and will build you the map according to the new hierarchy of topics. You can choose to create a new map or override the original map.
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