The discovery part of your research process is done with the Explore tool. lets you explore the science around any research paper abstract of your interest. Just drop in a URL (e.g. or the DOI link (e.g. of the paper in the tool to view the results. 

Explore Input

In Premium you can also start exploring by typing in a research question and a description of your problem statement. See tips how to create an excellent problem statement here.

Unlike keyword-based tools, is able to find relevant knowledge whether or not you know the exact search terms of the research field. understands the context and presents you with a visual map of the topics and relevant research papers. The visual map consists of clearly organized topic clusters. The topics represent contextual categories that has learned by reading millions of scientific documents. By zooming into the topics, you'll see the individual research papers fetched from the given databases. 

The Explore tool allows you to discover hundreds of papers in fraction of the time across different scientific fields. 

Example map

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