Concept: Concepts are words found from a text that bear the most meaning.

Topic: Topics include representative words that together form contextual understanding on the  papers. They represent wider themes and are generated by training the algorithm with millions of research articles.

Map: A map refers to the Explore search result. When you search, creates a visual map that shows an overview of the topics connected to your research for easier browsing. The topics represent contextual categories that has learned by reading millions of scientific documents. By zooming into the topics, you'll see the individual research papers fetched from the given databases.

Exclusion: Exclusion means that you suggest papers for removal based on your selected criteria in the Focus tool (key concepts at Stage 1 and topic models at Stage 2). 

Inclusion: In the context of Focus tool, inclusion means that you choose papers for your final reading list based on your selected criteria. Inclusion criteria gives papers an "immunity" against exclusion. This means that in case there is an overlap in the filtering criteria, inclusion overrides exclusion.


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