Importing bookmarked maps:

1. Write a study title for your own reference

2. Click “Start a new Focus study

3. Choose "My Accountand click “Import data from bookmarks

4. Select the bookmarked maps that you want to import and click “Done

New Focus studyBookmarks

Importing personal collections:

1. Create a Google Drive folder for the documents

2. Folder should contain PDF or text documents (between min. of 40 & max. of 20,000 documents)

Personal collection import

3. Share the folder with

4. Create a link with a sharing option: “Anyone with the link can view

Folder sharing settings

5. Choose "Remote" importing option at the start of a Focus study

6. Paste link to Focus tool & click "Done"

Remote import

Papers included in your selected map or folder are now imported to the Focus tool. will read each abstract and take you to stage 1, where you can begin the filtering process.

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