Stage 1 - select concepts for inclusion & exclusion

  • Exclude papers based on key concepts that are not relevant for you.
  • Only include keywords that are essential for your research. The tool errs on the side of caution, with ‘include’ criteria overriding ‘exclude’ criteria in the case of overlap.
  • Search terms under “All” and type the word to the search field.
  • Browse, search & select terms under Highly ranked”, “Rare words” & "Synonyms".

Stage 1

Stage 2 - select topics for inclusion & exclusion

  • Papers are grouped under different topics. Each paper can fall into multiple topics.
  • Exclude papers based on topics that you want to filter out.
  • Include papers based on topics that you want to keep in your reading list.
  • Increase specificity by moving from "Global" to "Specific" & "Current" topics.

Stage 2


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